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The Sunshine Club

It's a process

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The Sunshine Club. The human race's single greatest effort to inflict peace upon the world one smoothie pop at a time. Ten years ago, the SSC's leader, Sherrie Bickerstafff, was handed the power to start a sisterhood that might someday cleanse the world of bad and fill it with sunshine, rainbows, butterflies and decoupage. She did not take this responsibility lightly. Immediately she began selecting members based on crafting ability, good looks, team work, etc. The club began with 8 members. But in time only 5 girls prevailed as the official Sunshine Club. Each summer, the SSC met in San Antonio, Texas to undergo a week of rigourous training. The girls scaled mountains, conquered rapids, tamed horses, created recipe books. These girls have now become women and the time to fulfill their ultimate destiny grows near. The specifics are unknown, but one fact is certain. The Sunshine Club is needed now more than ever and must let nothing stand in the way. Their way. The rays of the SSC will soon fill the world with their shine. The purpose of this community is to establish better communications amongst SSC members in a time when we need it most. All are encouraged to post as often as possible.