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SSC camp dates.

Ok, so here's the plan. We leave for SAn Antonio on August 6 and stay until the 13? Is this good or bad? We can change the date easily. Who is driving? Leah? things aren't looking good. I can probably drive, though I really don't want to. Any other volunteers? Ok, everyone post the time that is best for her. Also post ideas of what we will do once we are there. Ok, girls, I am really excited and I think we can make this thing work if we stay on top of it. Ok guys, post now and post often!!
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i cant post as a member yet bc you have to give me "permission" haha. I doubt I will be able to go..only bc I am having my wisdom teeth taken out the week before that and I can't afford to be out of work for two weeks. :o(

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its not overrrrr im just poor :o( we can plan something fun during the year!! a trip or something???? but regardless if you do go... i will send a care package with my love :o) hammon ranch style<3
sooo... im in new orleans the last week of july and on a cruise the first 5 or 6 days in august. i'll be back in SA roughly august 6th to aug 15th. that would be the ideal time for my best friends in the whole world to come visit me, but i kind of understand if that doesnt work. you know, you could always road trip to savannah! I will open my house to you any and all the time. other than that, we could do spring break? or december? or halloween? i dont know, im just throwing ideas out there, but we gotta do it!!!! and it has to be ALL 5 of us. none of this "i'll send a care package" business im hearing.

oh, and somone please tell me how to be in a community, and why we havent done this sooner.
you guys are in the community. you just go to journal then update then the additional options at the bottom, where mood etc is, and choose to post in Sunshine CLub. i think it should work. chritie. you're is making me nervous. it won't stop starring
bishh i just figured yall would go on without me thats all... you know i would go if i could.. but i have to like plan my life way ahead.. bc i honestly live from paycheck to paycheck.. :o( trust me i would LOVE to have ssc fun rather than get my wisdom teeth out :o( why am i always the one that has all this difficulty with plans?? i hate that about myself :O(((